Call for improved independent living conditions as vulnerable people are denied care

It has recently emerged that the proportion of over 65’s getting help has fallen by a third since 2005-6.

This figure was generated by a report from Age UK who have titled their report “Care in Crisis 2014”. The report shows the deep problems with social care and the lack of support for older people around the UK.

Here at Terry Lift’s we are strong believers that Independent Living is the way forward. We believe that older people should be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible, in their own comfortable surroundings.

We think the focus should be on assisting people in living independently, in a safe and healthy environment.

There are many products on the Market which are made to serve this purpose. For instance, a product which we have recently developed is our Lifestyle Lift. This has been designed for those who have stairs in the home however are in the situation where they may be starting to struggle climbing the stairs on a regular basis.

By planning ahead and taking action before this becomes an unavoidable problem, our customers are able to stay in their own homes well into retirement and old age.

The benefit of a product such as a Home Lift is that the elderly are given more freedom in their homes and are able to undertake tasks which may have otherwise proved a difficult and time consuming activity. This will therefore prevent the need to move house or into a nursing home.

We are in contact with a number of people each day who are only just discovering the benefits of Independent Living, and are putting the necessary steps in place in order to prevent the need to move.

By making a few mobility friendly alterations to help with the obstacles everyday life can bring, the elderly will gain the freedom and long term support needed in order to maintain a healthy, safe and happy lifestyle.

At Terry Lifts we believe that solutions such as these should not break the bank which is why we provide no obligation free quotations to all our clients, whilst ensuring they are receiving the best value for money and service at all times.


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