Disney Pixar UP! Film perfectly depicts need for Independent Living

Here at Terry Lifts we recently stumbled upon the film UP! The 2009 Disney Pixar creation is aimed at children with loveable characters such as Dug the talking dog and Russell, a young wilderness explorer. The film is based on a 78 year old man Carl Fredrickson who is being forced into a retirement home after an incident regarding his mailbox.

Not wanting to leave his home, which he shared with his recently deceased wife Ellie, he filled his home full of helium balloons and floated away, to fulfil his wife’s childhood dreams of adventure.

Although mainly a children’s film, we can’t help but see the clear deeper meaning the creators have instilled within the story line. For us, it really hits home the feelings and issues the elderly have towards moving into a retirement home, and how a home is a lot more than just a roof over your head.

In the film, Carl often refers to his house by his wife’s name. He speaks to it as if he was talking to his wife. We found this incredibly moving. To Carl, it wasn’t just a house; it was his memories, his heart and his soul. He loved his house just as much as he loved his wife.

There are people all over the UK who can relate to this loveable character. Those who have unfortunately lost their loved ones, and who cherish their memories above all else.

Here at Terry Lifts we fully understand how precious your home is, our aim is to help those in retirement, live a long and happy life in the comfort of their own homes for years to come.

We have designed our Lifestyle Lift specifically with this in mind. We know that as the years go by, tasks we used to have no problem carrying out suddenly become more difficult. As our bodies go through life, our lifestyles eventually start to slow. Walking up and down the stairs start to become problematic. As you get older you find yourself more and more, buying for practicality over appearance.

But why should you? We have designed our Lifestyle Lift to seamlessly fit in with any interior making it an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

If you would like more information on how you can future proof our home, simply give us a call on 0800 247 1229 where a member of our caring and friendly team is on hand to help find a solution to fit your needs.

Don’t suffer in silence, call us today.


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