Harmony FE Through Floor Lift

The Harmony FE (Fully Enclosed) Homelift makes your life easier when stairs become too much

Why go through the stress and upheaval of moving house? A Terry Lifts ‘through the floor’ Homelift allows you to regain the freedom of your home, while keeping your staircase clear. It moves between floors smoothly and quietly, allowing you to travel safely and comfortably.

This ‘through the floor’ Home Lift requires much less space than a conventional lift. There is no shaft or strucure required and the footprint of the lift is so compact that it can be placed almost anywhere in your home.

Standard features:

  • Powered door
  • Full height glazed door and side vision panels.
  • A telephone in the cabin
  • Half-hour fire integrity maintained in the ceiling/floor irrespective of whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs
  • Wireless control stations in car and at both floors which include direction, stop, cabin light and door open/close control
  • In event of a power failure, the battery back-up system allows operation of the car in the down direction by normal controls with all safety systems in operation
  • The car is fitted with LED lights in the side panels which come on when lift is called. The carraige lights up as well as creating a spill of light into a darkened room

Available options:

  • Upholstered folding seat
  • Hand-held remote control
  • LED cabin side lighting
  • Cabin exterior in alternative RAL colour
  • Special car sizes in wheelchair model 200mm longer, 135mm wider or both.

Download Harmony FE Brochure