Lifestyle Home Lift

The new stylish Lifestyle Lift has been designed by our team of experts to make your life easier and future proof your home.

Terry Lifts have developed the elegantly styled Lifestyle home lift using the latest technological advances. Our space saving home lift combines quality, practicality and comfort to make your life that little bit easier.

Future Proof Your Home Incorporating a Lifestyle lift into your home will bring long term benefits to you and your family, giving you the freedom to stay in your home well into retirement and eliminating the stairs as a potential difficulty later in life. We have combined luxury with the latest technology to bring you an innovative high end residential lift, ergonomically designed and created specially for your home.

Innovate, don’t relocate The Lifestyle Lift will bring you long-term benefits, future proofing your home so you don’t have to worry about the emotional stress and upheaval of moving house when the stairs become too much.

Your lift, your home, your style The Lifestyle Lift’s elegant and compact shape means that it will fit neatly into your house practically anywhere you choose and can be custom made to suit your existing décor. We offer a range of colours and finishes so you can make your lift your own.

Easy does it Installing a Lifestyle Lift in your home is easier than you may think.

  • Minimal building work & alterations to your home
  • Quick & easy installation in only a few days
  • Simple to operate

Terry Lifts will take care of everything. We will be with you every step of the way to guide you through your purchase, manage the installation and offer after sales support.

We’ve got it covered Terry Lifts have designed the Lifestyle Lift to incorporate all the latest safety features as standard without compromising on style, so you can feel safe and secure when using your home lift.

Lifestyle Lift video