Melody 3 Platform Lift

Melody 3 Public Access Unenclosed Platform Lift

The all new Terry Melody 3 Platform Lift offers an attractive and practical solution to the problem of short-rise vertical wheelchair access up to 3 metres.

The lift provides a safe and easy way to gain access to a domestic property or a public building where stairs would otherwise prevent independent wheelchair access.

The Melody 3 offers an aesthetically pleasing solution due to the attractive design and lack of a mast or support tower. It has a black textured painted finish to the carriage with a contrasting silver painted finish to the guides. The lift comes with the option of automatic gates, allowing even easier access and egress for the user.

Key features

  • Easy to install
  • Integral ramp so a pit is not needed and building work is kept to a minimum
  • Can be installed inside or outside of a building
  • Option of automatic gates to the carriage and upper level for even easier access and egress
  • Attractive design with black textured painted finish
  • Two platform sizes with a maximum load of 500kg for lift travels up to 2m and 440kg from 2m up to 3m.
  • CE-marked
  • Complies with BS6440-2011 and the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive