TSL 1100 Wheelchair Steplift

TSL 1100 Wheelchair Step Lift

The TSL 1100 Steplift is a reliable and practical solution when stairs prevent a wheelchair user from accessing their home. It is designed to accommodate heavy, electric wheelchairs and their users, featuring a 1100 mm wide x 1400 mm deep platform.

TSL 1100 travels up to 1000 mm and has a capacity of 385 kg. It features an automatic arrestor ramp, which secures the wheelchair safely on the platform. The TSL 1100 Step Lift is manufactured in the UK and complies with BS 6440:2011.

  • Simple installation – consists of a self-contained unit, which is quick to install
  • Safe and secure – features an automatic wheelchair arrestor ramp
  • Cost-effective – often costs less than a ramp and can be easily re-sited
  • Easy to use – access ramp is shallow and the lift controls are easy to use
  • Large capacity – capacity of 385 kg with a 1100 mm wide platform

Technical specifications

  • Application range: can be sited internally or externally. For wheelchair users only serving a domestic dwelling
  • Maximum safe working load: 385 kg
  • Maximum height served: 1000 mm or 920 mm when in a pit
  • Power supply electrical requirements: 220/240V, 50/60 Hz, 13 A single phase
  • Low voltage control system: 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Safety: automatic wheelchair arrestor ramp and battery operation. Constant pressure controls
  • Drive: hydraulic scissor mechanism